STM Mid Performance Soft Starter

STM Mid Performance Soft Starter. The controllo si on 2 Phase, 3 wire connection, 14A to 165A rangeThe STM is a cost effective solution to drive three phase squirrel cage induction motors and is available in 3 In, 3.5 In, 4 In and 4.5 In formats and 18 Amp sizes from 14A to 165A.

  • Two leg control of 3 wire connection
  • Unit size from 14 Amps to 165 Amps
  • Soft Start and Soft Stop features are fully adjustable via the front panel
  • Voltage Start value fully adjustable via the front panel
  • Software to eliminate motor speed oscillations
  • Electronic Overload Relay for Normal or Heavy Start
  • Internal Bypass Relay rated up to 100A. Over this value a relay contact can energise an external Bypass contactor
  • Current Limit adjustable via the front panel
  • Option to work in continous mode using thyristors only (dis-engage Bypass contactor)