STE Enhanced Performance Soft Starter

STE Enhanced Performance Soft Starter. The controllo in on 3 Phase, 3 wire connection, 14A to 500A rangeTotal flexibility and performance is achieved with the STE soft starter. Designed to drive 3 phase Induction motors the STE comes with advanced functionality including Torque Control, Kick Start function and optional Dynamic Braking. Available in 33 Amp sizes from 14A to 500A and in 3 In, 3.5 In, 4 In and 4.5 In formats.

  • Three leg control of 3 wire connection
  • Unit size from 14 Amps to 500 Amps
  • 3 or 6 wire connection to reduce the current
  • Torque Control
  • Constant Current Start
  • Current Start Ramp
  • Kick function to start for 200mSec at 80% of full voltage
  • Adjustable Soft Start and Soft Stop ramp via the front panel
  • Voltage Start value fully adjustable via the front panel
  • Analogue output proportional to Current or Power
  • Electronic Overload Relay for Normal or Heavy Start
  • Internal or External Bypass contactor
  • Current Limit adjustable via the front panel
  • Option to work in continous mode using thyristors only (dis-engage Bypass contactor)
  • RS485 Communications (Modbus Protocol) as standard
  • Dynamic Braking (Option)
  • Profibus DP, Ethernet or Can Open Protocols (as Option)