REVO HMI for Modular Controller

Graphic operating terminals for modular controller

  •  Up to 30 zone can be managed
  • For Revo TC 1-2-3PH and REVO TCM
  • 4.3, 7.0, 10” Colour Display
  • Trend display
  • Recipy Management
  • Warm up Planner
  • Multi Language Interface (EN, DE, IT and FR)




  • Proportional Band
  • Integral Time
  • Derivative Time
  • Cooling gain
  • OLAP
  • Pre Tune Activation
  • Self Tune Activation


Operating Page

  • Each project can manage up to 30 loops.
  • The operatore Page can display 4 or 8 loops depending by the HMI and by the setup of the project.
  • Pushing the zone description area is possible to see the advanced parameter and setting page for each zone.
    Four and Eight Loop Page Display
  • Zone description (editable by user)
  • ON/OFF Push Button
  • Setpoint display and setting
  • Temperature measured display
  • Power Output Value
  • Generic Alarm Status
  • Deviation Graph
  • Trend Display Push Button for each zone

Advanced Operating Page

  • For each loop is available an advanced page with the following parameters and alarm.
  • The parameters with light blue colour can be setted on this page.
  • This page can be displayed touching the zone name on the main operating page. Touching the arrov keys, is possible to move to the next zone or to move on the previous zone.
    – Setpoint
    – Measure
    – % Heat and % Cool
    – Alarm 1 Deviation (default)
    – Alarm 2 Max Temperature (default)
    – Alarm 3 not configured (default)
    – HB Alarm Status
    – Short Circuit Alarm Status
    – Alarm threshold
    – Current Value Setting




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