Heat sink for solid state relay ssr

CDAutomation can design customizzed heat sink for solid state relay ssr.
Solution are available for multiple REVO SSR installation or single zone dissipation.
Different sizes and cooling technologies are available. Only with CE Mark.

Multile Zone Customizzed Solution:

For a quotation you need to send us an enquiry request and specify the following details:

  • Load Current and Type of connection of each load.
  • Max Space available inside the cabinet, frontal area is normally important (L and H).
  • Possibility to mount heatsink back part outside of the cabinet and internal part inside the cabinet.
  • Input (SSR or Analogue), Firing (ZC of BF), finally if you need Heater Break Alarm.

Single Zone Customizzed Solution:


Many solution are available, let us know your space and load type request.