Let us help you into the selection of the application


CD Automation offer a wide range of products for the control of the power by Thyristor ( SCR Power Controller ):
  • Save money because there are small steps in nominal current rating with 27 sizes from 10A to 2600 A.
  • Innovative product range using digital technology also on small units (15 A).
  • RS485 communication with modbus protocol standard on all families with exclusion of CD3000S.
  • Configuration semplicity via Frontal KeyPad, external KeyPad or portable PC.
  • Possibility to download the suggested software configuration clicking on your application.
  • Universal Thyristor where is possible to configure all inputs types, firing modes and feedback.
  • All informations are available on our Web Site download page, where you can find Sales literature, Maintenance Manuals, Configuration software and possibility to ask for enquires.
  • Very efficient Help Desk to solve application problems. Call us and you will speak directly with our R&D team.
  • Remote service via Internet.